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Battlefield 1

World War 1 best shooter
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game modes need improvement

User Rating: 2

I was excited when i heard this game was coming out because i have always had a fascination with WWI and as far as I know there has never before been a War video game that has focused on WWI.

when the base game came out, it left much to be desired, my favorite part was the prologue, the only part that actually felt immersive.

after playing for a bit, i shelved the game for a long while until all the expansions were released.

i paid 20 bucks for the apocalypse expansion because I saw it had passchendaele as part of it… i still havent been able to play that map because the useless interface does not allow you to just choose a particular map to play, and you cannot play solo which is also bullshit, and there is no story mode. and   furthermore, no canadian military? I know this is an american development and your american ideas of history are greatly skewed but Canada played a huge role in the first world war and there isn’t even an honorable fucking mention in this game. Passchendaele in particular was a Canada heavy operation

fuck dice, fuck this game. they took a good idea and shit all over it. seriously no single player? the fuck kind of game has no single player. I have to rely on random ass maps based on what other people are playing? sure I can pay to rent a server and create my own game to play the map I want but. then I’ll be waiting for hours for NOBODY to join.

What idiot thought this was a good way to make a game. I hope they got fired.

Dice. fix this shit.



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