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PlayStation VR Worlds is a collection of five games in one cheap package, giving you a taste of virtual reality headset potential. Each game is different with its own type and play style, delivering a completely various experience ranging from the entirely passive to an action shooter. The main problem is that each mini game feels too brief with a very limited player response to a whole gameplay action. As much as you may enjoy them, none reach their full potential, meaning the whole package ends up feeling like a demo box that could’ve been included into PlayStation VR package as a free gift.
VR Worlds includes five games in total: The London Heist, Danger Ball, VR Luge, Scavengers Odyssey and Ocean Descent. Let’s take a look at each individually in mini reviews, starting with the one that stole the whole show.

The London Heist

A game that requires two move controllers if you wish to fully experience the action in this shining star of the whole package. The worst part about it is that the experience is far too short and whole fun ends just as you catch yourself getting into the game.

However, the shooting here is spot on and is a real example of how far virtual reality can take gaming experiences to the next level. First shooting action takes place in Viktor Koslov’s study, where you’re searching for valuable stuff, but accidentally being caught by a safeguard. You start ducking behind cover, picking up ammo from table drawer and popping out to shoot enemies. Later, you get into a chase scene firing an Uzi out of a van’s window, opening the car door to shoot at enemies on motorbikes who are tailing you on the road. With two move controllers in your hands, these moments feels as a real action movie highlights.


Sadly, there are only two dedicated shooting levels, with the rest focused on cutscenes. Whole London Heist gameplay can be finished in around 30 minutes, with only 10 of those spent actually shooting stuff.

Scavenger’s Odyssey

This space shooter is another brief experience, but a solid VR game. It’s story-driven, but badly lacks replay value, though. The surprising thing about the game is how comfortable it is. Movement is controlled by the left stick, turning by the right and aiming your weapons by looking around with VR headset on. Thanks to the steady speed at which the mechanisms turns, London Studio has done an excellent job of not overwhelming the senses.
The experience is fun, but at the same time incredibly basic. Walking around decrepit spacecrafts, killing small alien creatures, moving debris and jumping from point to point is enjoyable. But once again, the game’s few chapters can be completed in under 30 minutes, letting you only to taste the fun.


Scavenger’s Odyssey comes with a simple story. You play a member of an alien race looking for a mysterious artifact, guided by your rig’s AI. You soon become overwhelmed by some spiritual voice guiding you along the way, trying to help you rediscover your past. Game ends on a cliffhanger, which makes little sense considering there won’t be a sequel.
However, with the core game physics as simplistic as they are, the combat haven’t felt really gripping.

Danger Ball

Basically, it’s a futuristic version of 3D Pong and it came as a surprise. All you have to do is to move your paddle by looking around. It’s possible to put spin on the ball by flicking your head at the same time as the ball hits it, or strike the ball harder by moving your head forward at the point of impact. The strength of Danger Ball lies in its different opponents. For example, you come up against paddles that can duplicate the ball, one that can split in two and another that’s four times the size of the others.


Game includes tournament mode, which can be fiendishly challenging too. First to five points matches become incredibly tense as the score edges closer to the win. The more you play, the better you become at reacting to the trajectory of the ball. Competitive players can stuck on this one.

Ocean Descent

At the first sight it looks like the most relaxing game in this package. It’s very enjoyable, but there are moments when may feel a bit terrified. Lowering your virtual self slowly in a metal cage to enjoy all the sights and sounds of the deepest parts of the ocean, this game looks absolutely stunning. High quality graphics with accurate physics makes ocean animals look very natural, as they pass you by in random directions. You feel chilled until the daylight reaches underwater world, but once you’re deep enough, darkness takes over the control.


Jellyfishes glisten and light up the deep, dark waters for a part of the journey, but later they disappear and the flashlight comes handy. That’s when Ocean Descent becomes more intense and even terrifying after accidentally lighting up a massive shark swimming around you. Some players may start feeling overwhelmingly claustrophobic or at least uncomfortable being locked in a cage and surrounded by deep ocean darkness.

VR Luge

The worst game in the set. VR Luge lacks any excitement or intensity despite dropping you downhill at upwards of 100mph. You can even physically lay down trying to fully switch yourself into game mode, but the problem is that there’s a huge incompatibility between how you have to turn with the VR headset and how the in-game avatar turns.


In real life you’re usually turning by moving a head with a shoulders in one or another side, but in VR Luge this obviously does nothing unless you tilt the headset in order to turn. Besides, no matter how fast you go, hitting a huge stone or road guard rail doesn’t brake your legs or make you fall out of street sled. This is how VR Luge departs from reality after the first minutes of gameplay.

Our verdict

It’s obvious that PlayStation VR Worlds package includes two very good games that have been stripped back to demos. Each experience is fun, yet far too fleeting and lacking a full story gameplay. This game set comes with a low price meaning it’s still a good accompaniment to your PS VR headset, but it does feel like this is something that should’ve been included in the box.
Feels like Studio London would’ve put forward a much stronger footing with a dedicated The London Heist game, as it’s the star of the show, but trimmed back and buried in this package.


  • New generation gameplay
  • Realistic graphics
  • Fantastic new experiences
  • The London Heist simply steals the show
  • 5 games in 1 package


  • Gameplay experience is too short
  • Only one game is addictive
  • PlayStation VR Worlds package should be free


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