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Mafia 3

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Content coming to Mafia 3

Content coming to Mafia 3

Mafia 3 developer is delivering free new features and content right after the game launches. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can look forward to.

New character outfits

Lots of Mafia 3 game fans said they want to have the ability to change Lincoln’s outfit. Looks like Hangar 13 heard that and made it happen. New outfits are coming! They’ll allow you to choose a look that suits your tastes and define your take on Lincoln.


New weapons

Developer promised that 30 days after the game launches, everyone will get the Judge (rifle), Jury (shotgun) and Executioner (pistol) golden weapons pack that looks astonishing. Exclusive weapons perfectly suits for different firefight action. Pistol with a silencer will help you remain stealthy while shotgun and rifle makes lots of noise, but also puts down lots of enemies.


Races and vehicle customization

Existed vehicle upgrades will be expanded by adding new customization options, so that players can give their favorite ride new wheels, personalized license plates and paint jobs. More options will come in vehicle performance upgrades section. Don’t forget to check it if you want to make your ride as best as it can be.
When you car is ready, ride into the city and enter a series of races. From there, you can earn money, unlock new customization options for your car and win awesome rewards. We are hoping to have more details on exactly how the races will work in the future.


More stories and action

Fast cars, extreme chases and stunt driving takes place in new story expansions. These are wholly separate experiences that reveal, the Italian Mafia isn’t the only threat Lincoln faces. You’ll find out more after buying the Season Pass, either on its own or through the Deluxe or Collector’s Editions of Mafia 3, you’ll get access to three new story expansions and all the weapons, vehicles and gameplay that comes with them. If you don’t feel like buying a Season Pass, that’s ok, because each one of these stories will be available for sale individually.

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However, Mafia 3 only confirmed setting New Orleans as an open world map, and because of its story, the game may just focus on bringing accuracy than providing large maps. It appears that the game will not have a multiplayer mode and the developer will just continue on improving the single player content upon the title’s release, unless 2K Games introduces something new and interesting for Mafia 3.

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