Fastest cars

Wow.. This guy is really good at testing the fastest cars in Forza Horizon 3. He drives like a pro using steering wheel with gears and he is so stubborn at pushing fastest cars to the limit. You’ll find lots of fun moments in this video, most of them is when he crashes into heedless players. This gameplay perfectly shows how those realistic races delivers the sense of speed. It’s so ad...[Read More]

How to drift three wheels car

This unique three wheels model is the most unstable vehicle on the road. But the funny fact is that you can mount training wheels on the sides, which makes the car look more retarded when ever before. Driving this supervan you’ll definitely get lots of attention from other players on the road. Especially if you win a race challenge among any supercar.



Forza Horizon 3 Review



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Forza Horizon 3

Best racing game

Beautiful racing game where most of the time players are surrounded by enchanting nature. Driving style may change depending on various weather conditions, which makes this game even more realistic. Open world map is much bigger and more varied, and the list of car customization options is huge. A total of 350 cars are available in this game, just to make sure that every player can find his dream ...[Read More]

ESRB warning: game includes sexual themes, intense violence and more

The game got a nice and clean M for Mature, with descriptors including “Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs.” So here’s what you should know before considering if all of this is acceptable for you. Watch Dogs 2 contains some sexual material: a man selling child pornography over the phone (no sexual acts or nudity depicted); a strip club with pole dan...[Read More]

Carry bodies and feed them to alligators

This Mafia 3 gameplay shows how to easily get away with murder. Just throw the body into the river full of alligators and let them enjoy the meal. No evidence, no crime. And don’t try to cross the rivers like these without motorboat. Otherwise you may not reach the other shore.

100 minutes gameplay with open world activities

Hijack a car, drive as fast as you can and make stunts to get rewarded. Want to know what people think when you make a selfies with them in the background? Take you smartphone and launch camera app to have some fun. Or you can take over the control of any transport around you and bring lots of chaos in the city life. But if you get caught, police will start shooting without even asking a question.

Watch Dogs 2 full mission gameplay

The gameplay action takes place in San Francisco bay, a beautiful area full of latest technology. This video perfectly shows what it feels to be a great hacker, fighting to take back the control of the corrupted institution. It’s easy to hack into any car, computer and mobile phone using main character’s tools, knowledge and talents. Just remember to use them wisely if you want to comp...[Read More]

Clothes stores and customization

Watch Dogs 2 will have far more customization options than you expected. Watch Dogs 2 will have new stores and a huge volume of clothing items Marcus Holloway can snatch up. This video showing the wide range of customization options where players can change the outfit and create unique style of their character. Players are free to choose from hats, jacket-shirt combos, pants, shoes, glasses and ba...[Read More]



Watch Dogs 2 Review



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Watch Dogs 2

Entertaining and modern technology-based game with light-hearted characters, and playground, all controllable from your phone. Game world has a splash of color, but it still suffers from an incredible lack of detail. Textures look flat and environments can feel very bland. Taking a big step from its predecessor, Watch Dogs 2 hasn't fulfilled its whole potential that we expected. Despite of that, ...[Read More]

Content coming to Mafia 3

Mafia 3 developer is delivering free new features and content right after the game launches. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can look forward to. New character outfits Lots of Mafia 3 game fans said they want to have the ability to change Lincoln’s outfit. Looks like Hangar 13 heard that and made it happen. New outfits are coming! They’ll allow you to choose a look that suits your tastes ...[Read More]

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