The London Heist full gameplay

This funny guy perfectly shows how move navigation controllers can distract you from main gameplay when using them for the first time. Despite being too short, whole VR gameplay is promising a great future for new generation first person shooters.

Scavenger’s Odyssey gameplay

Game begins as you start jumping through separate floating ground parts and protecting yourself from different kinds of creatures. Try to avoid nonstop shooting, otherwise spaceship guns may overheat. If that already happened, look around for any floating space parts and use grab + throw power to kill some enemies. In the end you’ll have to face a huge space monster, which was hunting you fo...[Read More]



PlayStation VR Worlds Review



PlayStation VR Worlds

PlayStation VR Worlds package includes two very good games that have been stripped back to demos. Each experience is fun, yet far too fleeting and lacking a full story gameplay. This game set comes with a low price meaning it’s still a good accompaniment to your PS VR headset, but it does feel like this is something that should’ve been included in the box as a gift.

Danger Ball gameplay

Legendary 3D Pong game has been brought into new dimension and called Danger Ball, so now everyone can enjoy it in virtual reality. Competitive players can get stuck on this one, because it feels very addictive right after the first minutes of gameplay. It’s also challenging and entertaining game to play with your friends.

Ocean Descent gameplay

At first, Ocean Descent seems very relaxing game, giving you a chance to explore and feel enchanting underwater world. Playing further and with each second sinking deeper, whole surroundings changes. Sunlight can’t reach you anymore and the darkness takes over the control, so you have to switch your flashlight on and listen for the radio communication instructions. Later huge shark attacks t...[Read More]

VR Luge

Main gameplay is all about going downhill and trying to reach your personal highest speed. Sadly there’s nothing that can make you fall out of street sled, even if you hit the walls or pass through the cars. Huge lack of real damage makes VR Luge unrealistic and boring after a while.

Drift taps challenge

This gameplay video is about collecting drift taps. Personal best result usually depends on your drifting skills and your car horsepower. In this challenge, main task is to keep the slide and from time to time tap the road fence barrier. Just be careful not to hit other car or road fence too hard, otherwise you may loose gained points. Basically, the more points you get the more you sweat.

Fastest cars

Wow.. This guy is really good at testing the fastest cars in Forza Horizon 3. He drives like a pro using steering wheel with gears and he is so stubborn at pushing fastest cars to the limit. You’ll find lots of fun moments in this video, most of them is when he crashes into heedless players. This gameplay perfectly shows how those realistic races delivers the sense of speed. It’s so ad...[Read More]

How to drift three wheels car

This unique three wheels model is the most unstable vehicle on the road. But the funny fact is that you can mount training wheels on the sides, which makes the car look more retarded when ever before. Driving this supervan you’ll definitely get lots of attention from other players on the road. Especially if you win a race challenge among any supercar.



Forza Horizon 3 Review



User Avg

Forza Horizon 3

Best racing game

Beautiful racing game where most of the time players are surrounded by enchanting nature. Driving style may change depending on various weather conditions, which makes this game even more realistic. Open world map is much bigger and more varied, and the list of car customization options is huge. A total of 350 cars are available in this game, just to make sure that every player can find his dream ...[Read More]

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