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Games2Play.net is a new generation video games website that covers best games news, reviews, trailers, gameplay videos and discussions. Providing all the necessary information about biggest video games, we are hoping to build a huge gamers community.
Our members are free to participate in writing their own reviews, rate games, give their thoughts in comments, send and receive private massages, create or join groups, chat and exchange any valuable information about their favorite video games.
Here’s lots of things you can do and we hope that you’ll will find browsing Games2Play.net as cool as exploring open world game!

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Povilas Butkus
Website Owner and Author
Started gaming since I was a kid. Dad bought me a Zhiliton console and that’s when it all began. After a while I got myself a Sega Mega Drive, which looked and felt great with a modern games graphics at that time. Being a teenager received another great present, it was powerful Pentium 4 PC for my studies and so much better for gaming! Some time has passed and having my second job I took PS3 right after it’s first release. Since then, I couldn’t switch back to the keyboard and mouse gaming combination, so I decided to stay with consoles only.
Today I’m giving lot’s of my time in many different websites projects and games2play.net is one of them. Not having much free time to play, I still find some moments to power on my PlayStation and have fun in GTA 5 Online.

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