• Game begins as you start jumping through separate floating ground parts and protecting yourself from different kinds of creatures. Try to avoid nonstop shooting, otherwise spaceship guns may overheat. If that […]

  • At first, Ocean Descent seems very relaxing game, giving you a chance to explore and feel enchanting underwater world. Playing further and with each second sinking deeper, whole surroundings changes. Sunlight […]

  • This funny guy perfectly shows how move navigation controllers can distract you from main gameplay when using them for the first time. Despite being too short, whole VR gameplay is promising a great future for new […]

  • Legendary 3D Pong game has been brought into new dimension and called Danger Ball, so now everyone can enjoy it in virtual reality. Competitive players can get stuck on this one, because it feels very addictive […]

  • Main gameplay is all about going downhill and trying to reach your personal highest speed. Sadly there’s nothing that can make you fall out of street sled, even if you hit the walls or pass through the cars. Huge […]

  • This unique three wheels model is the most unstable vehicle on the road. But the funny fact is that you can mount training wheels on the sides, which makes the car look more retarded when ever before. Driving this […]

  • This gameplay video is about collecting drift taps. Personal best result usually depends on your drifting skills and your car horsepower. In this challenge, main task is to keep the slide and from time to time tap […]

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    Wow.. This guy is really good at testing the fastest cars in Forza Horizon 3. He drives like a pro using steering wheel with gears and he is so stubborn at pushing fastest cars to the limit. You’ll find lots of […]

  • The game got a nice and clean M for Mature, with descriptors including “Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs.” So here’s what you should know before considering if all of […]

  • This Mafia 3 gameplay shows how to easily get away with murder. Just throw the body into the river full of alligators and let them enjoy the meal. No evidence, no crime. And don’t try to cross the rivers like […]

  • Hijack a car, drive as fast as you can and make stunts to get rewarded. Want to know what people think when you make a selfies with them in the background? Take you smartphone and launch camera app to have some […]

  • The gameplay action takes place in San Francisco bay, a beautiful area full of latest technology. This video perfectly shows what it feels to be a great hacker, fighting to take back the control of the corrupted […]

  • Watch Dogs 2 will have far more customization options than you expected. Watch Dogs 2 will have new stores and a huge volume of clothing items Marcus Holloway can snatch up. This video showing the wide range of […]

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  • Mafia 3 developer is delivering free new features and content right after the game launches. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can look forward to.
    New character outfits
    Lots of Mafia 3 game fans said they w […]

  • Run the streets of New Bordeaux from your mobile device. 2K and Cat Daddy’s new mobile battle Mafia III: Rivals, hits iOS and Android on October 7, 2016. Experience the diverse and dangerous New Bordeaux f […]

  • Here’s a quick gameplay that puts you right into the shooting action with car chase and explosions. Grenade launcher will be one of the most powerful guns that you can get in Mafia 3.

  • Povilas wrote a new post, Mafia 3 trailer 2 years ago

  • This video, which was shown at the Tokyo Game Show, provides one of the best and most in-depth looks at the game to date.
    16-minute video shows main character Lincoln Clay taking out one of bad guy Sal Marcano’s […]

  • This Collector’s Edition comes with a cache of awesome goodies:

    Collector’s Edition Statue (14″ Tall)
    Exclusive Steel book
    Exclusive cloth poster
    Deck of playing cards
    Messenger pigeon tube with […]

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